Makhubela Attorneys Inc. is a legal practice law firm. The firm was established by its founder Lucky Makhubela in 2008 under the name Makhubela Attorneys. The law firm is a black owned and managed medium sized practice which prides itself with a growing Personal Injury and Civil Law practice. Through this great exposure and specialized expertise, the firm has enjoys the privilege of attending to high profile and complex matters from different private Corporate clients, Government parastatals as well as different spheres of Government. MA Inc. renders personal injuries services to the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). Our firm [LM1] [LM2] is well positioned to render similar services to other potential clients with similar requirements, particularly the Road Accident Fund (RAF). We are confident that we are capable of rendering a good, speedy and efficient services to our clients. In addition to services rendered to PRASA, MA Inc. is a preferred law firm rendering numerous civil litigation matters on behalf the Department of Home Affairs..



Makhubela Attorneys is dedicated to professional legal excellence and to providing cutting-edge legal services by a young and dynamic professional team. Our firm aims at contributing to the economic and social prosperity of South Africa. In this pursuit, Makhubela Attorneys is firmly committed to developing appropriate professional skills within the South African legal fraternity.


Whilst we are currently a sole proprietorship, our vision is to grow fast and create a reliable and efficient 100% black owned law firm, whilst maintaining our integrity and good name. we project that in the near future we will be one of the formidable and reputable law firms in the country.


We believe in the following values as forming the cornerstone of our existence:







Our qualities are derived from having been trained and exposed to complex Commercial Law matters which we have been handling on behalf of the Passenger Rail Agency (PRASA), and other clients. The firm has been handling this work for a period not less than (8) years, excluding our managing partner’s experience obtained while serving articles with Adams & Adams Attorneys in Pretoria and later joining Knowles Husain Lindsay Inc, as an Associate. from these prestigious law firms, we enjoy a heritage of good legal practice. Our strength of specializing in Commercial Litigation emanates from Lucky Makhubela’s employment at Adams & Adams Attorneys which is one of the leading Commercial Law firms in the country. Makhubela Attorneys currently services big clients, including, but not limited to, Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), Armscor, the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development, to mention but a few.


Through these clients, our firm enjoys a day to day legal exposure in highly complex Civil Litigation matters. The instructions vary from giving legal opinion, undertaking complex litigation matters and advising on other matters including consulting with witnesses and various experts.

Makhubela Attorneys has previously handled close to four hundred civil litigation and debt collection matters on behalf of Telkom SA LTD. The firm is currently involved in more than a thousand personal injury matters (Insurance Law). This does not include other civil litigation matters for the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Infrastructure Development.



Makhubela Attorneys adheres to the principles and requirements of black Economic empowerment (“BEE”) in South Africa, in its specific application to legal services companies. We see our role as ensuring that we provide opportunities to previously disadvantaged groups, with more emphasis to the needs of women and youth. In this regard, we target employing partners at equity level, in order to grow our black professional component organically by employing, training and encouraging black professionals, and to develop our black administrative staff by internal training and funding of external work-related study.